New Headcast Video Coming Soon

Here’s a trailer for one of my new videos.
I cannot play this ringtone, it is scratched.

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Rescued from Norway

You may have read in the news that the Norwegians recently attempted to trap me by paying the Icelanders to burn parts of their country in order to spread a cloud of airborne debris across Europe, thus closing all the airports. It took me a while to get to the bottom of it, but eventually I worked out that the main aim was to keep me in Norway and prevent me from travelling back to Britain. The love they have for me is deep, true and lingering, but it is sometimes expressed in typically obsessive Scandinavian style.

My brilliant assistant Garry managed to foil this cunning plot by hiring a crack team of taxi drivers to drive me to Belgium. To keep us entertained, we took with us a a jazz quartet, and together we travelled in a vintage 1961 Bedford Coach which included a sauna and sushi bar. From Brussels I was able to catch a train through the Eurotunnel, and was thus returned to the welcoming bosom of my servants. I thanked them for their efforts with my traditional gifts of brown cheese and rotting fish.

So the Norwegians relented, but before they allowed me to leave Norway, they demanded that I make an appearance on the TV programme Skavlan. At least, I think Skavlan is the name of the programme, it could equally be the name of the channel, a day of the week or yet another Elk-based dish.

The bit with me in it starts at about 37 minutes and is conducted in English. For those of you who are in the 99.99% of people who don’t understand the Norwegian language and who might panic when they try to read the subtitles, no those are not Ikea instructions. Ikea is a Swedish company.

Update: several kind people have pointed out that the subtitles are Swedish, and that they are in fact a guide to furniture assembly.

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Here are the famous and fabulous Spud books by South African writer John Van De Ruit, which inspired the film in which Jack Cheese is playing “The Guv”.

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Idiots of Ants Interview

Check out their website

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John’s Birthday

Wishing you a very happy 70th Birthday, John! Love from The Minions.

Happy Birthday

Click here to see your Twitter birthday wishes from Twitter followers.


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Chicken Names

Sadly Rocky and Camilla have disappeared. They may have run away. Garry is licking his lips suspiciously but I think that is just to cheer me up.

Thinking of names, we’ll need at least one.










Or another name?

Please leave a comment.

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Birthday Suicide Poll

Some of you have been enjoying banter with me on Twitter.

Never one to be overly concerned about convention or even taste, I recently mentioned that I was considering ending it all on my upcoming birthday, which caused a little concern.

This gave us the idea of running a poll – how would you like me to end it all? NB: results are advisory, not binding.

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Thanks for the Twits

Thank you for the kind messages regarding the recent eye operation.

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New Headcast

My video download website Headcast has had a makeover and is wearing a beautiful new suit, as well as two new videos. We launched it quietly earlier on this week for fans and friends, who gave us some great feedback via our survey, and helped us improve the site before we opened the doors to the rabid hordes.

Thanks for that, everyone, it really helped us to help you, as the saying goes.

The most popular response to the question asking what alternative career I should take up was Tour Guide, which just pipped Priest / Guru.

Alright then, everyone gather round, the coach is leaving in five minutes.

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The John Cleese Nigerian Lottery

I’m very pleased to see that the truly excellent value John Cleese (that’s me) Nigerian Lottery is open for business.

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